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Scientific Research Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus (NII EFA) is chief designer of the equipment for fundamental research in nuclear physics, high energy physics, controlled thermonuclear fusion.
A high standard of scientific and technical research and design work performed in NII EFA is defined by a considerable scientific potential of its personnel that includes 24 Doctors of Science and 121 Masters of Science. Thirteen scientists were conferred an academic rank of professor and the majority of them both teach, conveying their experience to the youngsters, and perform scientific and research work in the leading universities and colleges of St Petersburg. The Institute is having a Post Graduate Course and a Council considering scientific degree theses. A big amount of monographs, inventions and patents, scientific papers and reports published both in Russia and abroad evidently prove the fruitfulness of scientific activity of the NII EFA personnel.
The Institute publishes a scientific and technical periodical "Elektrofizicheskaya Apparatura" (Electrophysical Apparatus) and an international magazine "Plasma Devices and Operation". The institute had made a decisive impact in creation of accelerating facilities from cyclotrons and high voltage accelerators to the largest apparatus of the world class in the towns of Kharkov, Dubna, Serpukhov, Gatchina. A set of advanced technologies that apply accelerators and lasers was worked out in cooperation with other institutes. The equipment designed and built in institute is installed in many factories of Russia and other countries.