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AGATHA CHRISTIE - a virtual concert
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Detailed narration on how the rock group AGATHA CHRISTIE appeared and what obstacles and difficulties it met on its way; portraits of every musician based on conversations with the musicians, hundreds of photos (unique archive ones as well as the most recent photos); a large selection of articles from press devoted to the group, from different periodical editions of different years, interviews... All those materials allow to understand better the creative idea of AGATHA CHRISTIE group and to determine its position in the context of modern Russian culture.
Periods of history of the group and its musicians' biographies
The style of AGATHA CHRISTIE music and texts has been visually reflected in the design of the program
Video clip TWO SHIPS
The disk represents:
  • Illustrated history of the group retold by the musicians themselves as well as those who, in any way, took part in its destiny;
  • Photo album with unique pictures of the group, information on those who se activity is anyhow connected with AGATHA CHRISTIE's life, archive of articles and interviews
  • Information on every album, texts and records of all the songs, complete collection of all the video clips
  • Play-list - a concert that you program according to your own taste; the sound may be accompanied by a slide-show

System requirements:
IBM PC 486DX2x66, RAM 8 Mb (16 Mb recommended), SVGA 640x480x256 colors (HiColor recommended), Windows 3.11 or higher, CD-ROM drive, mouse, 16-bit sound card.
Textual narration
Publisher: 1C Company