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CompactBook Publishing, Ltd.
Tel +7 (095) 330 - 2093
e-mail: [email protected]
Director: Andrey Kaurov
Deputy Director: Fedor Samin
Editor-in-chief: Vera Papkova


Compact Book Ltd., established in 1992, has a staff of highly qualified editors, designers and computer programmers. We have 20 full-time and many part-time / freelance employees.

Our specialisation: tutorials, edutainment and learning programs; multimedia-presentation; encyclopaedias. Great attention is paid to the creation of high quality contents, adequate artistic design and ease of accessibility of information.

The company works in fruitful co-operation with such organisations as the Tchaikovsky House-Museum in Klin, the Great Russian Encyclopaedia publishing house, the Ethnology and Anthropology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Folklore Commission of the Union of Russian Composers, the National State Library of Foreign Literature, the Cultural Centre-Museum of V.Vysotsky, the Arts History Chair of the Urals State University, Rise-Lis's Corporation, radio Echo of Moscow, Diafilm studio, the State Historical Museum, Soyuzmultfilm studio and others.

Compact Book is one of the leaders in the field of multimedia programs development in Russia. It has worked with practically all the most important producers of Software. Our publications have been awarded various prizes at CD competitions in Russia.


The company has prepared and produced the following CDs:
  • RUSSIAN CUISINE (RUSSKAYA KUKHNYA). The main list of recipes is similar to the Windows' file tree but may be represented also in alphabetic or other forms. Some of the recipes have been adapted microwave. All the recipes are supplied with hypertext references. The search regime permits one not only to find the required recipe in the text but to find recipes corresponding to ingredients that are available, taking into account possible substitutions of one ingredient for another. No other kitchen multimedia encyclopaedia has such a powerful and, at the same time, easy search subsystem. The program allows the introduction and editing of your own recipes and contains many other useful functions). The characteristic feature of the disk is that it also gives you an idea of the national cuisine as an integral part of the national culture. The traditions of Russian feasts; the Orthodox calendar; recipes that were invented in the ancient Russian monasteries; the history of the appearance and existence of different food stuffs, dishes and technologies in Russian cuisine, numerous illustrations - the Russian Cookbook disk is not only a cookbook but an electronic encyclopaedia of cuisine;
  • ROCK ENCYCLOPEDIA, developed by Compact Book together with Sergey Kastalsky, a music journalist from the Rovesnik review (for teenagers), contains encyclopaedic articles on foreign rock groups and: illustrations; audio and videofragments; reviews of last years' albums; articles on different musical styles; the most complete discography; a press digest that includes selected articles by the author, and interviews. There is a powerful search system (based on the alphabetic list of all the articles, as well as on the lists of types, styles and medias throughout the whole text); innumerable hypertext references, direct access to all the media information, the possibility of copying and printing the texts, variable-scaled interface and, finally, the demo version that shows all the abilities of the program;
  • TALES BY THE DIAFILM STUDIO - disk 1. This project for children, created by Compact Book, is an attempt to give the new younger generation a chance to make acquaintance with the best examples of illustrations for children - unfortunately, the quality of today's visual production has considerably fallen. The authors of the illustrations for the tales that are represented on this disk are renowned masters of the Russian school of book design. The 15 tales that the disk includes belong to the "gold reserve" of world literature and have been chosen in such a way that there are stories interesting both for little ones and for younger teenagers. The soundtrack for all the tales was recorded by famous Russian actors;
  • THE SOVIET SPACE PROGRAM. This disk contains unique information on Soviet space researches, some of which have been kept secret until now, the history of this theme from Tsiolkovsky to date, photos and video materials, many of which are also unique. This multimedia encyclopaedia has no analogues in Russian or in English;
  • DIVO (WONDER), electronic version of a records' book, similar to that of Guinness, for the countries of the CIS and Baltic States;
  • A MULTIMEDIA TOUR OF MOSCOW: a Moscow guide, in English;
  • MEET RUSSIA: a guide to Russia, in English;
  • BOLSHOI THEATRE, history of the famous theatre in Russian and English;
  • PUSS IN BOOTS (KOT V SAPOGAKH), the first interactive cartoon in Russia;

    The company has published the following CDs elaborated by other firms:
  • BUSINESS GAMES (Izhitsa, Penza town)

    The company has elaborated the following CDs for other firms:
  • THE TOWER OF KNOWLEDGE (BASHNYA ZNANIY) (NMG, R-Style) - edutainment program for junior children, 1st place in the nomination "CD-ROM for Children" at the Anigraph exhibition in 1997;
  • P.TCHAIKOVSKY, LIFE AND WORK (NMG, R-Style), a personal encyclopaedia, Grand Prix at the Multimedia Edutainment exhibition in 1997.
  • ATOMIC RUSSIA (2CD). THE NUCLEAR SHIELD. (Ministry of Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation), 1st place in the nomination "Multimedia-Design" at the MultimediaExpo exhibition in 1998.
  • ATOMIC RUSSIA. E.SLAVSKY. ABOUT TIME, ABOUT COMRADES, ABOUT HIMSELF. (Ministry of Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation).

    The company has elaborated and transmitted the copyright to other firms for the following CDs:
  • WALKING ABOUT MOSCOW. That is neither an encyclopaedia nor a guidebook but virtual trips with an interesting companion - a journalist of the Echo of Moscow radio station. The past and present of our capital, its history and culture, its people and its buildings - over 1000 illustrations used in its twenty excursions, create a complete and diverse image of Moscow. A special detailed reference will tell you about every person and every picture. These references form together a kind of little encyclopaedia. Over 500 personal references, supplementary information on all the illustrations and the opportunity to copy and print text make the program not only interesting but rather useful. The program includes such a characteristic peculiarity as a special tool to enable you to create your own excursions and to switch over from the English version to its Russian equivalent at will. This tool opens up the wonderful possibility to introduce the Russian capital to foreign guests and partners, to practice the foreign language and to use the English informational texts. The full-text search option and that of copying and printing make the disk especially attractive for schoolchildren, teachers and for everybody who wants to know more about the past and the present of the Russian capital;
  • SING WITH ME (CompuLink) - karaoke, nine well-known Russian songs for children interpreted by Tanya Ostryagina, a young singer. You may also record your own vocal version using the musical accompaniment present on that disk. Young children like very much, for example, to hear their favorite songs interpreted by a little mouse or a hippopotamus - that curious possibility is enabled by original graphic design and animation of this program. Second prize of Multimedia Edutainment'96 competition in the Model nomination, special prize The Best Entertainment Disk For Children of the Content - Autumn'97 competition;
  • AGATHA CHRISTIE, A VIRTUAL CONCERT (1C). This disk contains the complete opus of "Agatha Christie", one of the most popular Russian rock groups, music and texts of all its songs and all its video clips. A detailed narration of how the group appeared and what obstacles it met during its existence; the literary portraits of all its musicians based on their own memoirs; hundreds of photos (unique archive ones - and the most recent photos); a large press digest (articles dedicated to the creative work of the group from periodicals of different years), interviews - all these materials permit one to understand better the ideas of Agatha Christie and to determine what place it occupies in the context of modern Russian culture.

    Currently our company is preparing the following CDs ordered by other firms:

    The following CDs are being prepared for publication:
  • MAXIDROME (together with the Rise-Lis's Corporation), anthology of the Russian rock music;
  • PEOPLES AND RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD (together with the Great Russian Encyclopaedia publishing house), a fundamental encyclopaedic edition;
  • ART OF THE ANCIENT WORLD (a series of 4 CD-ROMs / DVDs), etc.

  • Up

    Compact Book is interested in partners for:
  • Publishing and distributing our titles, especially ART OF THE ANCIENT WORLD.
  • Co-operation in remaking our products for the European or American market, for example RUSSIAN COOKBOOK and WALKING ABOUT MOSCOW.
  • Fulfilling your orders in developing CD-ROM & on-line titles and presentations.

    We have experience, and good contacts with many content-providers in Russia, in these areas:

  • Education.
  • Music (classic and modern).
  • History.
  • Museums.
  • Libraries.
  • Atomic Energy.
  • Space research.

    We can find, collect, edit and organise content from any provider, including text, pictures, audio and video. Then we can program an effective multimedia database and user interface with artistic design and accessibility and prepare a master CD. We can also make a model of printing materials.

    Our preferred development tools:
  • Macromedia Flash series.
  • Asymetrix Toolbook series.
  • Borland Delphi series.

    Our Limitations:
    No specialists and equipment to develop for Macintosh at present.