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The project was awarded the first prize in the National Contest of Informational products and Services in the nomination of multimedia products (this contest took place within the framework of MULTIMEDIA EXPO'98 exhibition).
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Multimedia album Atomic Russia. The nuclear shield, in two CD-ROMs, was created after the order of the Ministry of Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation; it opens the cycle of disks devoted to the creation and development of the nuclear complex of Russia.
The disks contain over 1,5 hours of unique video chronicles, more than 900 photos and about 700 articles and documents
Information part
The album consists of 5 main parts:
    This part contains unique documentary films - nuclear explosions from the first plutonium bomb to the biggest in the world, the H-bomb; the inauguration day of the first Soviet submarine, military training where nuclear weapons are used, rockets' launchings and many other interesting episodes. A photo story on the nuclear munitions and means of transport for them, the chronology of nuclear tests in the USSR, a list of the scientists awarded by the State Prizes of the USSR for the creation of nuclear weapons - all this information was a top secret until recently. Even those who actively participated in these events have seen some of such materials for the first time in the album ATOMIC RUSSIA - THE NUCLEAR SHIELD -
  • BY THEIR OWN EYES (Disk 1) This part is composed of cinema fragments, photos and documents that tell the story of the Semipalatinsk bomb polygon construction, preparation and test of the first Soviet plutonium bomb. It also contains biographical information on those who speak about it in the disk and on the first Heroes of Socialist Labor who were granted this title for the creation of the nuclear bomb
  • UNKNOWN TOWNS (Disk 2) This part discovers the secrets of those towns that were not shown on simple maps, the town that nobody knew; even their names changed constantly.
  • ATOMIC MINISTER (NARCOM) (Disk 1) This part is devoted to B.Vannikov, whose name itself has been hidden under the thick mist of secret. Vannikov made a great personal contribution to the victory in the Great Patriotic War and to the creation of our Motherland's nuclear shield. The same part makes it possible to get acquainted with all the chiefs of the nuclear complex of Russia.
  • YEARS, EVENTS, PEOPLE... (Disk 1) This part tells us the history of the atomic industry in Russia from 1900 to nowadays, creation of the rocket and nuclear shield of Russia The database that was firstly published in the multimedia album ATOMIC RUSSIA - THE NUCLEAR SHIELD is unique in its field and is of great interest not only for simple users but also for specialists.

    System requirements:
    IBM PC 486DX2x66 (Pentium recommended), RAM 16 Mb, SVGA 640x480x256 colors (800x600xHiColor recommended), Windows 3.11 or higher, 4-speed CD-ROM drive, mouse, 16-bit sound card.