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This parrot's name is Arkasha, he will accompany and assist you during all the game
The Mischievous Emperor of Evil has enchanted all the inhabitants of the country of Almaden and made them absolutely illiterate: they cannot read, write or count any more... The only place in the country that is still resisting is the Tower of Knowledge
The illustration is accompanied by a soundtrack and a text
This edutainment game in form of a trip, destinated to children aged between 5 and 9, contains:
  • 13 interesting lessons of mathematics, Russian language, astronomy, music, time orientation (how to use watches, calendar etc., traffic rules; each of these lessons consists of a wonderfully illustrated lecture and and interactive game part
  • 20 interesting tasks united by a captivating fairy-tale plot, aiming to develop attention, logic way of thinking, ingenious mentality, spatial imagination and skills of time orientation
  • 3 degrees of difficulty of which you may choose the one that fits you child's age and knowledge

In such a way you can find out how much knowledge or money we have; otherwise you have to ask Arkasha for an advise.
TOWER OF KNOWLEDGE offers to a 5-9 years old child a good opportunity to get necessary knowledge and to develop his talents. Questions that are usually asked when a child enters the first form of a school have been used in this program.
If we accomplish this task, we get the key word to continue
System requirements:
IBM PC 486DX2x66, RAM 8 Mb, SVGA 640x480x256 colors, Windows 3.11 or higher, CD-ROM drive, mouse, 16-bit sound card.
Lesson theme selection
By the order of NMG Company
Only the name of arithmetic will permit to win the horrible dragon