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by Keith Rawson-Jones.

Draft version of the project design
The author of the project is Keith Rawson Jones, who has 40 years of experience of teaching English in different countries.
Native speakers -English actors - read the soundtrack for the course in the AVP studio, London.

Draft version of the project design
Many of those who studied English are able to read and to translate but can hardly speak and practically do not understand the oral everyday English speech.

. BENSONS will help you:
  • Learn to understand the everyday speech;
  • Speak fluently about different things - including business communication;
  • Enlarge your active and passive vocabulary;
  • Learn the main points of grammar;
  • Develop practical skills of correct grammatical form usage.

Many of those who studied English by themselves, with audio, video or computer programs, know how difficult it is to find enough will to pass all the course from the very beginning to the end, seeking to accomplish all the methodical recommendations of the authors. The main explanation of this difficulty is that when you work alone, without teacher, you do not feel enough motivation.

BENSONS is a kind of detective story like Santa-Barbara. The life of Bensons' family and their family firm is full of unexpected events and adventures. Each of the 40 episodes is interrupted in the most interesting moment, and one feels he wants to know what happened after...

However, you can find it out only after you have learnt the previous lesson, i.e. you have to hear, read and translate the text with the aid of a built-in dictionary and the author's comments, and, with a microphone in your hand, play the roles of different personages in the dialog with your computer; then you should listen to your own results and do control exercises.

The present course was written and recorded in the lively, natural manner of the everyday spoken English, in the spirit of that very language that is commonly used in the real life situations.

The linguaphone version of this course has been used since several years in the State University of Moscow. Lively and interesting for its contents, taking into consideration the newest trends in linguistics and methodology of language study, BENSON appeared to be a rather efficient manual for those who want to study the spoken English.