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(Volume 1 from the series ART OF THE ANCIENT WORLD)
The publishing house has signed the contract of authorship in order to create a CD-ROM entitled ART OF ANCIENT GREECE AND AEGEAN WORLD, with Mr. Anatoly Raskin, Doctor of Architecture, Professor of Art in the Urals' University.
An agreement was reached, with the same author, .on the intentions to continue the series on the ART OF THE ANCIENT WORLD.
Playing with a bull. Fresco from the Palace of Knossos, about 1500 B.C. Heraclion Museum
The project ART OF THE ANCIENT WORLD is an electronic version of the University course of Arts History, in 4 CD-ROMs, and includes the following disks:
  • THE ORIGIN OF ART. ART OF PRIMITIVE SOCIETIES (Upper palaeolitic period; chronology and geography of the ancient art
  • ART OF ANCIENT EAST (Egypt and Mesopotamia)
  • ART OF ANCIENT ROME (Etrurian art, art in republican Rome, art of the Roman Empire, art of the early Christianity)

    After the production of all the 4 CD-ROMs we are planning to reproduce it in the DVD form.

    Volume 1 - ART OF ANCIENT GREECE AND AEGEAN WORLD includes the following chapters:
    Introduction. Chronology and geography of the Greek art.
    Art of Aegean world: Crete, Cyclades, and Mykonos.
    Greece in the epoch of Homer
    The archaic period of Greek art (geometric style)
    Early classics (rigid style).
    Later classics
    Hellenism. The main trends: Athens, Alexandria, Antiochia, Pergamon, Rhodos.

    Two levels of the material explanation are available.
  • popular (author's lectures accompanied by slide-shows, video fragments, 2D- and 3-D animation films/ one lecture per chapter);
  • advanced (hypertext articles, personalia, glossary, bibliography, historical references etc.)

    The project uses the following types of data
  • hypertext;
  • timeline;
  • illustrations (1000);
  • schemes;
  • soundtrack (1,5 hours);
  • video;
  • 2D- and 3D-animation;
  • 3D- freely moving models with possibility to obtain references for the objects being observed;
  • Internet references;

    It is also possible to copy and print the texts, drawings and schemes.

    A special part of the program will allow its user to check the level of his own knowledge and to fill in the gaps in it

    For the moment we have received from the author all the materials mentioned in our contract.

    We would eagerly examine all the eventual proposals concerning the elaboration, publication and distribution of the project ART OF ANCIENT GREECE AND AEGEAN WORLD, as well as the whole ART OF THE ANCIENT WORLD series.

    We are especially interested in offers of the primary illustrative material - books, albums, slides depicting the objects of art of Ancient Greece and Aegean World; we can buy or rent them for scanning and elaboration of their illustrative materials.