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 The gates leading to the park of the House-Museum.
CompactBook Publishers ande the State House-Museum of P. Tchaikovsky in the town of Klin have signed a contract for the elaboration of the official site of the House-Museum.
 A view of the House-Museum.
The ensemble of the textual, visual and audible information which will be presented in the site , will permit to give a complete and integral idea of the museum; it will add something new to your visit if you have already visited the museum - and will also serve as a detailed source of information regarding not only the museum itself but also the themes related to its existence - Tchaikovsky's epoch, his contemporaries, the town of Klin etc.
 The House-Museum in winter evening.
The basic version of the site will consist of the following parts:
  • Addresses and telephones of the museum
  • History of the museum
  • Excursions
  • Funds of the museum
  • Services
  • Departments and personalia of the museum
  • Music
  • Exhibitions
  • Competitions
  • Performances
  • Scientific activity
  • Guestbook
  • The town of Klin
  • The Epoch
 The parlour. Tchaikovsky's piano.
Our plans on the further development of the site foresee the creation - first of all - of the English version of the site, and later - of those in other languaues. The significance of Tchaikovsky's contribution to the Russian and World culture, constant interest of musicians and music amateurs to his works, his popularity - actually, all that confirms that the task of the creation of this site in foreign languages is an important one.
 The bedroom.
CompactBook Publishers and the State House-Museum of Tchaikovsky have begun to seek the grants and sponsors' assistance necessary to continue the works on the development of the site and on the elaboration of the mechanisms that would prmit to the House-Museum to execute scientific and cultural/educational activity in Internet (rendering informational services, phonograms distribution etc.)
 The parlour. Tchaikovsky's piano.
We would eagerly examine all the proposals regarding the investments in the elaboration, support and development of the official site of the State House-Museum of Peter Tchaikovsky in the town of klin