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MAXIDROM. These are several hours-lasting concerts of the main Rock stars of Russia.
NYEPRIKASAYEMYE rock group at the concert
The first MAXIDROM took place in 1995. Everybody - amateurs as well as professionals - were simply astonished by its scale and by the quality of its sound. By the end of that year, it was nominated the best musical event of 1995 and awarded the national prime 'Ovation'.

MAXIDROM'97 becomes the most representative rock festival of Russia. Such groups as 'Agatha Christie', 'Alisa', 'Bravo', 'Ivan Kaif', 'Mango-mango', 'Moralny Kodeks', 'Nogu Svelo', 'ChaiF', 'Tequilajazzz' and others took part in it.

The organization of the next rock marathon in 1998 may be considered already as quite a traditional action, a kind of parade of everything new and interesting that has appeared for today in the Russian rock

CompactBook is elaborating a new CD-ROM that will include all the songs from all the concerts plus video fragments of each perfomer.