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The HERO WAY series was issued among the set of other games and toys on the disk GAME MATRIX, published by BUKA company.
Disk cover
What is a book-game?
A book-game is an adventure story, the plot of which develops in accordance with the will of its reader. In the moment when it is necessary to take a decision, the author asks his reader's opinion. That's why the book consists of numerated paragraphs; in the major part of them the reader is offered a choice. For example, if you decide to fight against your enemy, you should take the paragraph 423, if you prefer peaceful negotiations, go to 219.

What is a book-game on a CD-ROM?
It is a normal computer game that keeps all the advantages of the books-games and tries to get rid of all of their disadvantages. All that you had to do before on a sheet of paper (diary, financial calculations etc.) will be automatically executed by the PC. All that depended on the results of throwing a cube (creation and control of parameters, the fight etc.) will be also done by the PC stochastically.

On each of the screens you will see one or more references that you may follow. The plot of the game will change according to what you have chosen. Thereby, not only the same episodes may be passed in different ways according to your wishes. We promise that even if you finish the game and even win it, there will be enough places for you that are worth visiting!
Game choice
The mighty black magician Barlad Dart interferes in the still life of this peaceful kingdom. He steals the Princess and takes her away with him. Many courageous knights try to reach the magician's citadel, but - in vain: he knows how to protect his mysteries. So, now it's your turn to try to save the Princess...
Game screen
Many, many years ago an enchanted labyrinth surrounded the citadel of the great magician. Its gates remained open all the time, but only the most decent knights dared enter it and remained alive. However, as nobody came back from there, soon the people of this kingdom forgot about the labyrinth's existence... Recently the forces of Evil have found out that it exists still and now they are zealous to obtain the keys to that knowledge that will give them power over the entire World... And one more time, as many years ago, the only hope is that a brave warrior would penetrate there and win the evil.
Game screen
The graphic design of the project is made in Celtic style and includes direct quotations from original Celtic ornaments. While working on this project, the artist Gennady Strebkov used books on Celtic art from the All-Russia Library of Foreign literature.

Each of the games is supplied with about 60 original illustrations that create a whole world of fantastic images and fairy-tale ambiance
System requirements:
IBM PC 486DX2x66, RAM 8 Mb, SVGA 640x480x256 colors, Windows 3.11 or higher, 4-speed CD-ROM drive, mouse, 16-bit sound card recommended.