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The CompactBook Rock Encyclopedia, elaborated in the co-authorship with the musical reviewer of 'Rovesnik' magazine Sergey Kastalsky, is not just a selection of articles on foreign rock music, but also illustrations, audio and video fragments, reviews of the last years' albums, articles on musical styles and a press digest including the selected articles of the author as well as interviews.
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That is also a powerful search system (in alphabetic order of all the articles, according to types, styles and media; throughout the text); innumerable amount of hypertext references, direct access to all the media information, the possibility to copy and print the texts, a resizable interface and, finally, the demo version that shows all the options of the program.
Search system
It is hard to imagine the words ROCK and ENCYCLOPEDIA written together. ROCK which is always saturated with torments, protest, fervent denial of any schemes or rules... and a cold and rigid ENCYCLOPEDIA, that seems to hide the bright colors and music of life behind the severe order of its pages. Who will dare combine the incompatible, give a structure to that chaos, and find for a glimpse its place in the Eternity? More than that -- numerate every moment, put it into the rank of all those which precede and proceed, supply with search and selection functions, copy and print options... and thereby, not only conserve the information, but keep every moment alive. You will see by your own eyes if that our attempt is a success...
Illustrated article
The disk contains:
  • 1357 encyclopedic articles on foreign rock music
  • 964 illustrations
  • 602 audio fragments
  • 210 reviews of albums of the last years
  • 49 articles on musical styles classified by the author
  • the most complete discography
  • texts of songs
  • video fragments
  • digest: selected articles and interviews
  • a powerful search system: alphabetic list of all the articles, type, style and media selection
  • innumerable amount of hypertext references
  • direct access to all the media information
  • copy and print function
  • resizable interface (640x480 / 800x600)
  • demo version showing the possibilities of the program
Listening to an audio fragment
System requirements:
IBM PC 486DX2x66, RAM 8 Mb, SVGA 640x480x256 colors, Windows 3.11 or higher, CD-ROM drive, mouse, 16-bit sound card.