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ATOMIC RUSSIA. Yefim SLAVSKY. My time, my comrades and me...
To the 100'th anniversary of Ye.P.Slavsky
This multimedia album ordered by the Ministry of Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation continues the cycle of disks devoted to the history of creation and development of the nuclear complex in Russia.
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The disk is dedicated to the memory of Yefim Pavlovich Slavsky who was the Minister of Medium-Range Machinery of the USSR in the years 1957-1986. Unique information on the historical events in which Slavsky participated directly or witnessed them, including the chronicle of all the nuclear tests with peaceful aims.
Part 'Chronicle of nuclear tests with peaceful aims'
  • over 40 minutes of unique video chronicle
  • over 100 photos
  • easy search system for the text of articles and comments to the photo and video materials
  • the possibility of copying and printing photos and texts

Search system
System requirements:
486 DX2/66 (Pentium recommended), RAM 16 Mb, SVGA 640x480x256 colors (800x600xHiColor recommended), 16-bit sound card, 4-speed CD-ROM drive, mouse, Windows'95 or higher.