CD-ROM titles developed by CompactBook Publishing using Asymetrix Multimedia ToolBook

This is not full list of CompactBook products but only those products that were created using ToolBook!

Analog of Guinness book for Russia and former USSR.

Russian Cuisine
Recipes and traditions of Russian cuisine.

Sing with Me
Karaoke for children.

Tower of Knowledge
Learning games for children.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Life and Work
Life and music of famous composer.

Rock Encyclopaedia
Encyclopaedia of rock music.

Agatha Christie - a Virtual Concert
Everything about famous Russian rock group "Agatha Christie".

Walking about Moscow
Information about Moscow and famous people from Moscow.

Atomic Russia. Part 1. The Nuclear Shield
History of nuclear weapons in the USSR.

Atomic Russia. Part 2. E. P. Slavsky
Presentation for hundred years anniversary of E. P. Slavsky - former minister of atom industry.

Russian Norton 98
Trial versions of Symantec products and other information from Symantec.

Hero Way
Electronic versions of two fantasy game books of Dmitry Braslavsky - "The Dungeons of Black Castle" and "The Labirint of Hidden Death".

Windows 98 Tutor
Computer based training in Windows 98.

Manual of English, Bensons' Family
Computer based training in English Language.

Presentation of Saratov Trolley Bus Plant.

Saratov Electric Communications
Presentation of telephonic company.

RosRemStroy Concern
Presentation of building company.

Ostankino Dairy Complex
Presentation of producer of dairy products and juices.

The Republic of Northern Osetia - Alania
Presentation of Northern Osetia Republic - history, culture, economics, business opportunities.

As you can see ToolBook can be used for creating of different applications: encyclopaedias, learning programs, presentations, games.

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